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This page contains some general guidelines about Wikinet. As the guidelines grow and develop, break them into more sections and pages.

Links[modifier le wikicode]

The wikitext of a link should be simply this:

* [ Example] - Description of the site or page.

A link may be relevant in more than one page. For example belongs to Search engines but it can also appear at its own page Google and others.

If a list of links grows too big, break it into sections.

If a page grows too big, break it into several pages, probably based on the sections.

Descriptions[modifier le wikicode]

  • Dont copy the website, respect the copyright !
  • Keep them short! One sentence max! If you cannot sum it up in one sentence, you're taking the wrong approach.
  • Try to mention whatever makes the resource different from the rest.
  • Do not describe the qualities of the resource, just its nature. For example, don't go "Video site with a section for top videos and another for new videos."
  • Avoid subjective descriptions such as "the best", "funny", etc.

Spam is ok, but[modifier le wikicode]

We welcome all links, however:

  • We mark all links with the "nofollow" attribute, which means that Google will completely ignore them when calculating the PageRank of your site.
  • Keep them at the relevant pages! If you have a penis enlargement site, leave it at our Penis enlargement page, not at the Health page or any other less relevant page.
  • If you add your link to irrelevant pages, someone else may move it to the relevant page, but that someone may also delete it.
  • Repeated spam at irrelevant pages will get your site to the spam blacklist.
  • If your site or project goes down, have the decency to return here and remove the link.

Guidelines of Wikinet in other languages[modifier le wikicode]

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